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Eden's First Blog Entry

January 28, 2017

When I decided to start this blog, I thought, this is a website and I have to make it professional.  Then I realized, that's no fun!  So my first blog post has to do with the changes in our lives.  I will use this blog as a platform to share experiences, thoughts and information that will empower the visitors that browse our cite.

When I decided to become a nurse I thought, surely this will be the fulfillment I needed to complete my ambitions.  Then I realized, there has to be more to it.  During the life of my career, I have met many people with a varying assortment of memories and experiences.    Over the years I have gained awards for caring in many levels and have worked above and beyond to touch the lives I have had the pleasure of coming in contact with.    All this fascinated me, but it also opened up my thirst to go beyond the dictations of the large facility settings.   This wasn't it, I had so much more in me to offer.  So here I am today, the proud owner of my own piece of a dream come true.  Welcome to my vision - Eden's Reflection

Eden's Second Blog Entry

Jan 30, 3017

THE HOME THAT CARES BACK - Why Most Families Choose Residential Instead?

The thought of having to put your loved one in a place other than the home they are accustomed to, is often a big challenge.  This reality is hard with any move at any age.  It always takes some adjustment before the new place becomes home but, there is hope, lets explore the facilities a bit.  Here are some reason's why a residential care facility may be right for your loved one:
  • when compared to larger facilities, residential care homes are less structured, so it is easier to tailor care to meet individual requirements.  The one-to-one care that is given makes for less chances of overlooking special needs and specific requests.
  • The home-like setting allows for an easier adjustment because it will be similar to the home they are accustomed to.  The small hallways, dining areas and bathrooms provide for more easier access.  
  • the care team are more consistent, as well as, the small number housed gives a more intimate realtionship.  This provides for a more personal relationship with the residents.  Familiar faces will encourage a more friendlier environment.   
  • The bundled price allows for convenience of future planning and budgeting.   Typically, this includes meals, snacks, activities, and daily living and sustenance requirements, such as, baths, grooming, toileting and incontinent care. 
  • The comfort of knowing that your loved one is not alone or having to fend for themselves while you are facing the challenges of a balanced daily life, fosters a peace of mind.
  • Having the ability to carry out normal lives, but with care givers 24 hours of the day speaks volumes for residents.  All this, while spending time with friends, shopping and having family visits when ever they choose.  These are just some of the benefits of a small residential care home compared to a nursing home.  
It is hard choosing to have your loved one cared for by others that are not family, but often times, the risk of having them alone at home far outweighs the guilt that family feels.  Finding the right home is very important and making sure your presence is periodically felt is beneficial to their adjustment.  No one will ever love them like you do, but some have the time to care for them when you are left without.  Let a care provider do the worrying.    

Editor's Note:  Article provided compliments of Tashna Mckoy, Registered Nurse, Family Care Provider and CEO of Eden's Reflection Assisted Living Facility.

Our Latest Blog Entry

THE POWER OF WORDS - the mirrored perception of your words

How often have you heard, "choose your words wisely", or "words have power".  It has never been more true, especially when it relates to the elderly.

I have dealt with many patients that suffer life altering news of health.  Some are told that they will never walk again.  Some, that your favorite foods, drink, social activities are now a distant memory.   Take for instance a patient that is diagnosed with a stroke.  Prior to that, that patient may have been used to living independently, meeting family needs whether it be grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, going to church or attending social events.  How do you share this news?  Well, you don't want to lie right? so you make sure the person understands that they may never walk again.  That is fear, but think of what they may be hearing - "Life as you know it is over"! "You will not be able to ever take a shower, work in the garden, go for walks with your spouse, play ball with the grand children"!  In fact, that death sentence that was handed down may have sounded the pity alarm and cause a perfectly happy human being to loose all sense in fighting.  Don't get me wrong, despite how you say it, the stages of grieving will still take place; but what if, we shared the news with a little hope.  No, I am not asking you to deceive your loved one, silly!  My approach is just a little more subtle.  I believe there is always, at the very least, two ways to look at each situation.  Embracing change is a heavy task and only few will take it with a smile but these changes are never a wish, no wishing well granted your hearts desire but, it is what it is.  Just like growing old, many refuse the things that comes with it.  This is why companies work hard at providing products to hide grey hair and remove any sign of aging.  I, myself, am a number one customer.  The truth is in the perspective.  It is new, so it will take some getting used to but lets explore what new activities you can do while in the comfort of a chair that has wheels.  Lets see what hobbies are no longer done because we were too busy running around to get make time for them.  For some women, reading novels, catching up on old movies, joining a book club and perfecting the art of positive thinking and spreading the news of a victorious life is some great re-directions. Despite their defeated mindset,  it could be worst.  The truth is, they are still living to see the many changes in the lives of their loved ones.   Encourage them to look at life from the level they are placed and stay supportive to the emotional journey they are about to embark.  This is the time to make time for the loved one that has stories to share.  Hey, didn't I say it wouldn't be easy? but I also said the change doesn't have to be a death sentence.  There is no exact science, but together our thinking can encourage, support and make changes one word at a time.  STAY POSITIVE! until next time on Eden's blog.

Stay tuned - Eden's next blog coming soon

Our Latest Blog Entry

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Stay tuned - Eden's next blog coming soon